Van der Waals epitaxy of 2D materials

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To unlock the technological potential of graphene and 2D materials and make them viable for real-world applications in electronics and optoelectronics, the van der Waals materials must be directly synthesized on CMOS-friendly substrates, i.e. on semiconductors compatible with silicon.
Our research is focused on the chemical vapor deposition of graphene and other layered materials on non-metals. We recently investigated the in-situ growth of graphene on Germanium wafers with different crystal orientations [i.e. (100), (110), (111)].
By combining scanning probe microscopy (AFM and STM) with spectroscopy techniques (XPS, Raman and ARPES), we shed light on the dependence of the electronic properties of graphene on the peculiar atomic surface termination of the semiconductor substrate.




  • Università di Roma Tor Vergata
  • Center for Nanotechnology Innovation @NEST, IIT
  • Istituto per la fotonica e la nanotecnologia – CNR-IFN
  • Technical University of Denmark – DTU



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Francesca Vitalini 21 Giugno 2021