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Maryam Abdolrahimi Link identifier #identifier__82119-2Surface/Interface Properties and Magnetic Response in Nanostructured Materials 08/06/2023 Carlo Meneghini
Davide Peddis
Elisa Fardelli Link identifier #identifier__79971-3Survival Strategies: a Bacterial Membrane Story 08/06/2023 Giovanni Capellini XXXV
Martina Marsotto Link identifier #identifier__171521-4Study of chemical structure and stability of biomimetic systems for bone tissue engineering applications 08/06/2023 Chiara Battocchio XXXV
Antonella Privitera Link identifier #identifier__170434-5Supramolecular silica systems designed for future applications in smart coatings: a sustainable conservation of bronzes 08/06/2023 Armida Sodo
Maria Antonietta Ricci
Eleonora Marconi Link identifier #identifier__4940-6Mesoporous Metal Oxides: Synthesis and Applications in Catalysis and Cultural Heritage Field 29/03/2023 Luca Tortora
Igor Luisetto
Visakh VS Pillai (PhD congiunto con UCD) Link identifier #identifier__123663-7A Biophysical Study of the Effect of Ionic Liquids on Single Proteins and Amyloids, and on Biomembranes and Cells by Means of Atomic Force Microscopy, Neutron Scattering, Computational and Cell Biology Approaches 16/09/2022 Antonio Benedetto XXXIV
Pietro Corsi Link identifier #identifier__12908-8Designing Smart Macromolecular Adsorbers at the Nanoscale 25/05/2022 Barbara Capone XXXIV
Daniele Paoloni Link identifier #identifier__13987-9New results on long range order, metal substitution and Q band interpretation of diferent phthalocyanines: the role of the interface interaction 25/05/2022 Alessandro Ruocco XXXIV
Irene Schiesaro Link identifier #identifier__44423-10Advanced characterization of complex materials: from nanomaterials to heavy complex systems 13/04/2022 Carlo Meneghini XXXIV
Alessandro Talone Link identifier #identifier__29285-11Design of complex magnetic fluids and hybrid nanomaterials 03/09/2021 Fabio Bruni
Davide Peddis
Pallavi Kumari (PhD congiunto con UCD) Link identifier #identifier__14780-12A biophysical study of the effect of ionic liquids on bio-membranes and cells by means of atomic force microscopy, neutron scattering, computational and biological approaches 24/06/2021 Antonio Benedetto XXXIII
Chiara Ciano Link identifier #identifier__85168-13Silicon-Germanium heterostructures for Terahertz emission 15/06/2021 Monica De Seta XXXIII
Valeria Cimini Link identifier #identifier__90063-14New Methods of Data Analysis for Quantum Metrology 15/06/2021 Marco Barbieri XXXIII
Elia Roma Link identifier #identifier__161376-15Design and Synthesis of Heavy Metal-Mopping Magnetic Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Wastewater 15/06/2021 Tecla Gasperi XXXIII
Michael Di Gioacchino Link identifier #identifier__14066-16A study about biopreservation: bioprotectants hydration and their protection activity 09/04/2021 Fabio Bruni XXXIII
Sepehr Moeni Link identifier #identifier__188384-17Selective Oxidation of Alcohols by Supported Palladium Nanocatalysts 16/07/2020 Daniela Tofani XXXII
Pietro Oliva Link identifier #identifier__149622-18All-carbon devices for ionizing radiation detection 16/07/2020 Gennaro Conte XXXII
Shadi Bashiri Link identifier #identifier__65099-19Morphological alterations of a xerotolerant Acinetobacter baumannii under desiccation stress investigated by atomic force microscopy 16/07/2020 Giovanni Capellini
Paolo Visca
Jacopo Chiarinelli Link identifier #identifier__17797-20Characterization of molecules of biological interest and their application in biosensors 10/02/2020 Alessandro Ruocco
Paola Bolognesi
Flavia Mazzarda Link identifier #identifier__163379-21Correlation between calcium signaling and ATP release mediated by connexin hemichannels in different mouse models of disease 10/02/2020 Fabio Bruni
Fabio Mammano
Ludovica Ruggiero Link identifier #identifier__88598-22Antifouling nanodevices for the development of an innovative multifunctional coating 10/02/2020 Maria Antonietta Ricci Armida Sodo XXXII
Angelo Sarra Link identifier #identifier__81354-23High Performance Laser Transmission Spectroscopy: a powerful technique to investigate colloidal suspensions 10/02/2020 Fabio Bruni
Paolo Postorino
Alessandra Bellissimo Link identifier #identifier__57418-24Multiparameter Analysis of Genesis and Evolution of Secondary Electrons produced in the Low Energy regime 25/02/2019 Giovanni Stefani XXXI
Chiara Nardin Il micro-ambiente tumorale: analisi dei flussi di segnali intra- e inter-cellulari mediante tecniche avanzate di microscopia multifotone in modelli animali Fabio Bruni
Fabio Mammano
Luca Mancino Link identifier #identifier__169078-25Non equilibrium quantum information-thermodynamics: theory and photonic simulations 25/02/2019 Marco Barbieri XXXI
Michele Montanari Link identifier #identifier__159601-26Tuning the Photoluminescence Emission Wavelength of Ge/SiGe QuantumWells: Leveraging on Quantum Confinement, Strain, and Doping 25/02/2019 Giovanni Capellini XXXI
Emanuele Roccia Link identifier #identifier__46794-27Broadband quantum light: from source engineering to quantum metrology 25/02/2019 Marco Barbieri XXXI
Rita Loria Link identifier #identifier__3024-28Structural and electronic properties of Nb3Sn in the high pressure and low temperature region 30/10/2018 Carlo Meneghini
Enrico Silva
Valerio Serpente Link identifier #identifier__143890-29Role of the atmospheric adsorbates in the surface conductivity of hydrogen-terminated diamond 20/07/2018 Alessandro Ruocco Stefano Iacobucci XXX
Laura Carlini Link identifier #identifier__19150-30Thiol-functionalized gold and silver nanoparticles using mixed ligands: a close look at the atomic structure and chemico-physical properties by SR-XPS and SERS 09/04/2018 Chiara Battocchio XXX
Jagadesh Kopula Kesavan Link identifier #identifier__85321-31Synthesis and characterization of heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 valorisation 09/04/2018 Giovanna Iucci XXX
Silvia Bistarelli Electromagnetic shielding properties of nano-carbon based materials: a theory and experimental study Gennaro Conte
Stefano Bellucci
Ilaria Carlomagno The origin of peculiar magnetic response of thin magnetic films combining state of the art synchrotron radiation techniques Carlo Meneghini
Riccardo Felici
Stefano Franchi Indagini spettroscopiche su superfici bioattive Giovanna Iucci
Giovanni Polzonetti
Gian Marco Pierantozzi Studio delle interfacce metallo-organiche mediante diverse spettroscopie elettroniche Alessandro Ruocco Giovanni Stefani XXIX
Andrea Maria Scaparro Crescita e caratterizzazione optoelettronica di sistemi bi-dimensionali in Ge e C Luciana Di Gaspare
Monica De Seta
Eleonora Stefanutti Metastability, phase segregation and liquid-liquid transition in ionic aqueous solutions Fabio Bruni
Livia Eleonora Bove
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