PhD programme in Biomedical Sciences and Technologies

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Description of the PhD programme (English)

The PhD Programme in “BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGIES” (BST) is an interdisciplinary PhD programme encompassing fundamental Chemical, Physical, Biological and Medical disciplines, including Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, General and Clinical Microbiology, Immunology, Microbial biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Pathology and Virology. The board of supervisors is composed of 16 internationally recognized experts specialized in the above disciplines (names of supervisors are listed in the web site of the Department of Sciences of Roma Tre University. The programme is centred on the biomedical research, with particular regard to the biological basis of emerging and/or human pathologies, including infectious, metabolic end degenerative diseases. The student will benefit from the existence, within the doctoral programme, of areas of excellence in fundamental research as well as of the close cooperation existing between basic and translational research. Doctoral theses are prepared in laboratories with strong biomedical imprinting, in general involving multi-disciplinary research approaches, and benefit from the expertise and technical platforms developed by the fundamental sciences. Students will work in a creative environment with strong integration and cooperation between chemistry, physics and biomedical disciplines, often in collaboration with clinical centres. The course is aimed to developing professional skills and specialized knowledge for future career in of biomedical research. The programme includes two integrated curricula:

  1. “Biophysical chemistry and Pharmacology”
  2. “Physiology and Microbiology”.

Expected occupational and professional opportunities

In the last twenty years, there has been a radical change in the employment scenario in the biomedical sector. This is partly due to the impact of technological development which has broadened the wealth of knowledge required to conduct not only research, but also services and control activities in the biomedical sector. Master degree courses (e.g. Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy), while providing adequate basic preparation, do not guarantee that advanced interdisciplinary training (“third level”) which is the main objective of the PhD course in Science and Technology Biomedical. Our PhD students will not only be expert users of the most advanced biomedical technologies, but will contribute personally to their development. The employment opportunities for PhD diplomates in Biomedical Sciences and Technologies can be searched for among:

  • Universities and other Institutes and Public and Private Research Institutes, in Italy and abroad
  • Structures of the National Health System, Hospitals, specialized public and private laboratories
  • Research and development centers for pharmaceutical and diagnostic products
  • Agro-food, Pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries  (both in research and quality control)
  • Biotechnology service centers in the biomedical area
  • Public and private structures responsible for the exploitation of intellectual property of high-tech products in the biomedical field.

The PhD programme in Biomedical Sciences and Technologies has an outstanding record of scientific production and occupational success of diplomates.

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