The PhD Course in “MOLECULAR, CELLULAR AND ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY ” (acronym MCEB) is held at the Department of Sciences, Università Roma Tre, Viale G. Marconi 446, 00146 Rome, Italy. The scientific interest of the MCEB PhD program encompasses fundamental biological disciplines and includes two curricula: (a) MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY (acronym MCB) and (b) ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY (acronym EB). Within the MCB curriculum, the main topics are focused on: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular. Within the MCB curriculum, the main topics are focused on: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Plant Biotechnology. Research is primarily aimed to understand the basic biology of animals, plants and microorganisms, in particular: (a) cellular and molecular function and regulation; (b) cellular metabolism; (c) animal and plant biotechnology applications; (d) design of new enzyme inhibitors with medical applications; (e) protein engineering for biotechnological applications; (f) bioinformatics and computational biochemistry; (g) antitumoral drug design. Within the EB curriculum, the main topics are focused on: Biogeography, Botany, Ecology, Environmental Conservation; Evolutionary Biology, Phylogenetics, and Zoology. Research is primarily aimed to develop basic and applied researches in ecological, evolutionary and phylogenetic aspects, in particular: (a) functional analysis of ecosystems; (b) biodiversity description and conservation; (c) systematics and phylogenetic analyses; (d) biogeographical analyses; (e) ecology and management of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems; (f) ethnobiology and biology applied to the conservation of cultural heritage; (g) plant biotechnology for pharmaceutical and agronomic applications; (h) public and private natural history museums management. The board of supervisors is composed of 16 internationally recognized experts specialized in the above disciplines (names of supervisors are listed in the web site of the Department of Sciences, University of Roma Tre, Within the PhD Course, students will benefit from top-level basic research as well as close cooperation between basic and applied research. Doctoral theses are carried out in laboratories characterized by multi-disciplinary research approaches, and students benefit from the expertise and technical platforms developed for basic science investigations. PhD students work in a creative environment characterized by a strong integration and cooperation among different biological disciplines. The Doctoral course is also aimed to develop professional skills and specialized knowledge in PhD students, taking into account their future career in biological research fields
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Curriculum Biologia molecolare e cellulare
codice CURR1115
Curriculum Biologia ambientale
codice CURR1116