2 Posizioni professionali presso l'Unità Modelli Preclinici e Nuovi Agenti Terapeutici, Istituto Nazionale Tumori Regina Elena (Roma, Italia)

AIRC-funded positions in Cancer biology
Two positions are available, under the supervision of Donatella Del Bufalo, at the Preclinical Models and New Therapeutic Agents Unit, Regina Elena National Cancer Institute (Rome, Italy) for:
ü  laboratory technician (bachelor degree)
ü  pre-doctoral researcher (master degree)
One-year full time contract will be offered, with renewal based on performance. To the pre- doctoral researcher will be given the possibility of undertaking a doctoral school.
The candidate will join a project focused on understanding tumor-stroma crosstalk in cancer. A multidisciplinary approach encompassing the use of cell cultures, mouse models, clinical tissue specimens and molecular/cell biology techniques will be employed.
Ambitious, self-motivated and hard-working candidates interested in cancer research are invited to apply. Demonstration of teamwork and collaborative skills will be highly desirable.
Please send your curriculum vitae, including a brief description of previous experience, a list of publications, and a reference person, to Donatella Del Bufalo (donatella.delbufalo@ifo.it). Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
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